Task 3

Characterisation of river functioning spatial patterns and river reach factors

The characterisation of the spatial variability on river reach functioning rates and river reach controlling factors is the most important data gathering part of the RIVERLANDS project. This survey will imply to gather information from 1st to 3rd order streams on 150 river reaches in the RIVERLANDS study area (Fig. 2). Such large amount of sites is necessary for the objectives of the project, if we want to isolate the effect that land use legacies have on different river reach factors controlling functioning rates. Each of the selected river reaches, comprising 100 m, will be representative of a larger management unit (developed on subtask 1.3).

Subtask 3.1.- Characterising river reach functioning rates

Subtask 3.2.- Gathering data on river reach factors: Hydromorphological characteristics, Temperature and light, Water quality and nutrient concentrations and Biological communities