Task 2

River function temporal dynamics and method comparison

The characterisation of the temporal variability on river reach functioning rates is a key task within RIVERLANDS in order to understand the mechanisms by which land use legacies might control river reach functioning rates. Within this task we will pay special attention to the influences of hydrological and morphological dynamics on river reach functioning rates and on investigating how landscape legacies affect these two important river system components. Moreover, within the selected river reaches we will compare different methodological approaches to measure river functioning and we will calibrate our techniques to be able to apply them to a wider spatial context.

Subtask 2.1.- Temporal dynamics of river functioning along a land use gradient

Subtask 2.2.- Obtaining wooden sticks decay and periphyton biomass accrual rates

Subtask 2.3.- Flow regime analysis over land use gradients

Subtask 2.4.- Effects of land use legacies on river reach morphology